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serving the global fisheries community

Electrofishing is the use of electricity to momentarily stun and capture fish. Electrofishing.net provides researchers, managers and manufacturers with training and tools to tackle sampling issues, select & trouble-shoot equipment, improve crew safety and reduce trauma to animals. Our key goal is to make electrofishing more accessible, efficient and safe.

Electrofishing.net is a community resource: built by the community for the community. More –>

“Electrofishing is a power-related phenomenon”

― A. Lawrence Kolz


for all levels of electrofishing

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learn to stay safe

New to electrofishing? Get certified with the US Fish & Wildlife safety course. Understand the basics, then move onto in-depth training.

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improve your fishing

View the electrofishing.net tool box. Analyse your gear and protocol to maximise results. Download our mobile electrofishing app.

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Custom advice

Access experienced professionals & leaders in electrofishing. Customise your gear. Download advanced tools. Join the email list.

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“Safety programs need to be leadership-driven, engendering a culture of responsibility”

― AFS Professional Safety Committee

Electrofishing App

  • Standardise by power, voltage or current
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve Precision
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