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Dr Tom Rayner is a Research Leader at Charles Darwin University. His research focuses on the responses of freshwater fish to flows in temperate and tropical systems. He has a background in flood pulse dynamics, feeding ecology and pest management. His latest project is developing ecogenomic tracers of food web structure in Kakadu.

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USFWS online training courses

This section is currently under review – a new course is to be launched in the near future. Tom Rayner Feb 2012

There are two new (or newly revised) on-line electrofishing courses, “Principles & Techniques of Electrofishing” and “Electrofishing Safety”. There is no tuition charge for either of these courses (they are at no cost). With the Principles course, there are Excel tools and other documents useful for electrofishing.

Additional improvements are being made on a continuous basis (new Excel tools, video clips, etc.) so it can serve as a updated reference for biologists.

The Principles course is the full course that many operators around the world will already be familiar with, taught by Alan Temple, while the electrofishing safety course is for crew members.

To see the these courses, you have to access them on a learning management site called DOI Learn. Best way to get going is to go to this website and download the printable application. Fill it out, print it, scan it, and email to dana_dennison@fws.gov

You’ll be given an account (username, password) to access DOI Learn and the courses. The DOI Learn website is available here.

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