PNAMP Electrofishing Method Template

The Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) has produced an Electrofishing Method Template to help standardize how sampling is reported across the region. Researchers can use the template to upload information on their sampling and contribute to the project. The template was originally developed to be customizable in, a website designed to provide consistent documentation of protocols and methods used in research and monitoring.

Download the template PDF

Contact Katie Pierson for more information:
Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership

Free safety presentation

This PowerPoint file contains the information you need to electrofish safely. It is the very first step in starting electrofishing. Developed by Alan Temple, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Download the file.



Smith-Root training course, Washington, Feb 2016

This is a two-day class being held at Smith-Root headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. Continue Reading..

Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice

The Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice is a non-legally-binding series of guidelines for fisheries researchers and managers. It covers all elements of operating electrofishing equipment under Australia conditions.

Download the Code.

Standardising by power II

You can use this worksheet to apply your data collected in Standardising By Power I.Continue Reading..

Standardising by power I

Finding minimum power (voltage and current) levels for effective, successful electrofishing at a sampling site is important for several reasons.

Continue Reading..

Increasing capture efficiency and sampling precision

As an experienced user, your methodological aims likely include:

  1. develop and standardize species ‘x’ sampling protocols; and,
  2. collect more accurate and precise data to characterize species ‘x’ populations.

If this is the case the Framework for Increasing Capture Efficiency and Sampling Precision is for you. This tool provides a recipe for improving your electrofishing.

The PDF references several Excel worksheets developed by Jan Dean. They can be downloaded on this resources page.


Electrode resistance procedures

This document provides guidance for making electrode measurements on various gear types, using an external power source and an internal power source.Continue Reading..

How to use a backpack unit

Dr Alan Temple introduces the key concepts and methods of operating various backpack electrofishing units.

Boat electrofishing safety

Dr Alan Temple introduces the key concepts and methods of assessing the safety of boat electrofishing units.

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