Ambient or specific conductivity?

Of all the environmental variables which affect electrofishing success, the one for which the most is known, and indeed it has been said is the most important, is water conductivity. This article explores the how and why of conductivity in electrofishing.
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Selection of Electrofishing Equipment

Selection of appropriate gear types and models is frequently a difficult task. Often decisions are made with little basis.  Here we highlight some factors that we think should be considered when selecting or purchasing electrofishing gear.

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Considerations for Water Conductivity Meters

Determining water conductivity is critical to improve the efficiency and precision of electrofishing sampling, for electrode design, and even as an input to deciding which control box model to purchase or which equipment type to use. Water conductivity has much more value than simply a number placed in a table for completeness.  Reasonably accurate measurement of water conductivity is essential.

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Fish Handling Gloves

Temporary immobilization of fish by electricity (“electroanesthesia” or “electrosedation”) is becoming more common in fisheries work.

Electroanesthesia makes easier handling fish for tag-implantation, spawning, measurement, and other processing tasks.

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