Increasing capture efficiency and sampling precision

As an experienced user, your methodological aims likely include:

  1. develop and standardize species ‘x’ sampling protocols; and,
  2. collect more accurate and precise data to characterize species ‘x’ populations.

If this is the case the Framework for Increasing Capture Efficiency and Sampling Precision is for you. This tool provides a recipe for improving your electrofishing.

The PDF references several Excel worksheets developed by Jan Dean. They can be downloaded on this resources page.


Electrofishing and fish health


A dorsal view X-ray of a rainbow trout revealing spinal fracture caused by electrofishing (source: N. G. Sharber).

As fish lovers and conservationists, we have a vested interest in maintaining fish health. As fisheries scientists, we have the responsibility of ensuring that our sampling techniques are as ethically transparent and non-invasive as possible. Many of us have moved from passive gear types, such as gill nets, to what are considered ‘less harmful’ methods, such as electrofishing. Continue Reading..

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