Electrofishing and Pacemakers: A Personal Experience

On behalf of a fish biologist who wishes to remain anonymous, we are publishing this blog. The biologist has an implanted heart pacemaker and faced concerns about participation in electrofishing operations. The text has been authored in first person and lightly edited by us with approval by the author. We believe that this factual investigation will provide useful information to employees and supervisors alike.

~Colleen Caldwell, New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and Jim Reynolds, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (retired)

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Man Overboard!

Electrofishing is a primary sampling method for near-shore fish species in lakes and rivers, and for fish species and assemblages in streams. We must admit, however, that it is a sampling technique with inherent risks. People, water and electricity are in close proximity. This blog describes the potential for human injury or death if someone falls into water having an electrical field. It specifically involves boat electrofishing, but the same idea can be used for tow/push barges, shore-based units and backpack electrofishing.Continue Reading..

Free safety presentation

This PowerPoint file contains the information you need to electrofish safely. It is the very first step in starting electrofishing. Developed by Alan Temple, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice

The Australian Code of Electrofishing Practice is a non-legally-binding series of guidelines for fisheries researchers and managers. It covers all elements of operating electrofishing equipment under Australia conditions.

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Boat electrofishing safety

Dr Alan Temple introduces the key concepts and methods of assessing the safety of boat electrofishing units.

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