Output Goal Tables for Backpacks, Towbarges, and Boats

In the movie The Santa Clause, the elves were inundating Santa with new technologies aimed at keeping him safe from extreme conditions.  In response, Santa wanted to know “but what if I fall off the roof?”  In other words, forget for now the advanced gizmos; falling of the roof is the most important and basic issue for his work.  Well, maybe that’s a bit true about our list of blogs.  I think they are well done and address important matters.  Taken together, this list is pretty comprehensive.  That said, in talking with many biologists, a major initial concern is having straightforward guidance for making suitable volt and amp settings given conditions (e.g., water conductivity).   Here’s a brief blog that builds upon and applies information from other blogs to provide example voltage and current output goal tables.  These charts are generated for sampling fish assemblages using common electrofishing gear types.  They are meant as guidelines for setting controls as opposed to strict instructions.

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